Fascinati­on road bike. A breathtaking machine, which is moved by human power. By physical and mental strength. By muscles and passion. The pro sport formed a golden era and created the motivation for amateurs; instigated to imitate and created models. Speed, self conquest, competition, but also team spirit were their ideals. And sporty ambition, until exceeding the own boundaries. Overtaking the inner temptation on two wheels.

The heroes of the glorious 70s and 80s drove legendary machines. The comparison with the big car brands is suitable. Because road bikes in the quality of back in the days are barely prodcued nowadays either. The constructors of manufacture cycles were always looking for new techniques. Obsessed with new ideas, they started working meticulously on frameworks, developed new geometries, invented totally new switch groups and brake systems. Handlebars, saddles, rims, nothing that couldn’t be improved. And that’s the way they created the machines, which were ridden by Eddy Merckx, Jan Ullrich, Joop Zoetemelk, Fausto Coppi, Bernard Hinault, Luis Ocaña Pernia or Miguel Indurain in the biggest races of all time. Road bikes and drivers, which became role models for many younger cycle fans.

DaCorsa is restoring those dreams of the 1970s and 80s. We discover and find the dusty and patinated original frames and components in cellars, garages, on antique markets and on the Internet. We obtain original components from Europe, the United States and South Africa.

With our specialists, we rebuild the bikes completely. Aluminium components shine in new splendor, frames get sandblasted, powder-coated, varnished and decorated with the original labels. The look of the last cycling epochs is visualised, the colour design as the combination of the components. DaCorsa stands for the Retro-Classics, the Retro-Design, the enthusiasm for road bikes and bicyle racing and a little melancholia. Which is contagious. The remedies? You can find them here, in several dosages.

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