The L’Eroica 2012 is like a summit of historic race bikes and absolute highlight for race fans. A get-together of generations full of atmosphere, charm and tradition and an event like nothing else on the planet.

Believe it or not, this year more than 5.000 participants registered for the 16th L’Eroica. The first time in 1997, there were just 92. Over the years the numbers have increased constantly, like the spectators on one of the 4 different sections of the L´Eroica. Weather 38 km, 75 km, 135 km or 205 km distance, the participants are living the dream of every race bike fanatic. In beautiful Tuscan landscapes, on white gravel roads and cliffy downhill levels.

DaCorsa couldn´t miss this spectacular course. Especially for this year’s race, we have built a machine of its own class. A panther for the road, built to chase, hunt and who wants to eat kilometers. The Black Master of Colnago: Beautiful just as rare – with a Campagnolo 50th Anniversary Group. But this is just one of the jewels of DaCorsa. Another, which sparkled amongst all the competitors especially, is the Gios Torino Super Record, which caused a sensation also at the legendary designer Aldo Gios himself and his son Marco. DaCorsa is in fact in possession of the only ever made red Gios race bike of the Super Record group during the years 1977-82. Alfredo Gios confirmed that personally. Therefore it is a real unique worldwide. More details on the latest old-timers from the DaCorsa fountain of youth for bikes you´ll find on the following pages. And we look forward to the next L’Eroica

special thanks to our photographer Tom Bilger

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