Colnago Mexico

This bike we have built at the request of a customer. The aim was to get an absolute high-end steel frame classic from the early 80s. The choice quickly fell on the Colnago Mexico frame because it combines classic design with high stability and with its straight crown represents the look of the 70s.

Ernesto Colnago´s steel frame was a lighter alternative compared to the Colnago Super. By using thinner walled Columbus tubes the weight was significantly reduced, without affecting the stability of the frame. Reason enough for many racers as for example Giuseppe Saronni to use this frame to compete at the Tour de France. The complete Campagnolo Super Record group was fitted with original pantographic Colnago rarities, such as the chain wheel, the seat post, the stem and the gear control lever.

Another special request of our customer was to get one of these extremely rare Brooks Swallow Red Saddles (Union Jack Limited edition). It needed some efforts but our network enable us to get hold of it. And well fitting, the handlebar was hand sewn into the same colored leather as well as the pedal straps. Of course this frame was also sandblasted, powder coated and after the reproduction of the original labels sealed with clear coat. All bearings, grease, tires and rims are new. We are so pleased to release this beautiful classic back to it´s natural environment – the road.

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