The success story of Gios began with a small workshop in the province of Turin in Italy 1948. In the following years Tolmino Gios specialized on producing racing cycles. The most of them were painted in the charming, winning blue. Other colourways than the winning blue are very rare. Luckily, DaCorsa was lucky to find and restore one of these very rare red frames. The Torino Super Record frame is very light but solid, because of the premium Columbus SL pipes.

Even better is that the rare frame is literally only the “frame” for an even more rare peal. Only 10.000 were once produced of them. In 1983. And only 200 of them still exist these days. That is what specialists say about the Campagnolo Super Record 50th Anniversary Group. Amongst lovers and collectors the components of the Campagnolo Super Record 50th Anniversary are sold up to 10,000$.

Besides the Campagnolo Anniversary Group, a 3ttt porch and handlebar were obstructed. The handlebar was applied with white smooth leather, which perfectly combines with the white smooth leather saddle. Golden jag wire breaks and shift cables round up this very exclusive racing cycle as a reminiscence to the inlaid work of the Campagnolo components, which is kept in real gold.

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